Sunday, March 17, 2013

First Blogiversary Challenge Results!

Paula's Scramble
Dawn Turley
Cased Card 10/31/12
I know you've been waiting with bated breath (whatever that means--LOL!) for the results of the challenge to CASE a card from my first year of blogging.  Here we go:
Barb Engler
Cased Card 12/18/12 Flickr

Lai-Yoke Walchow
Cased Card 3/8/12
Maria McClure
Cased Card 11/16/12 Flickr
Sue Butler
Cased Card 3/24/12

Unfortunately, a year was not long enough for me to figure out Blogger formatting!  I was also not able to get a picture of the cards that are in Flickr (I have Maria's, so took a picture of it), but if you click on Kailash & Barb's names it will take you to their cards.  Click on "Cased Card" to see my card each designer Cased if it isn't in their post.  Don't forget that you can click the picture to get a larger view.  I love each of these cards, so won't try to pick favorites.  I do want to say that Jessi & Lai-Yoke picked cards I wasn't completely happy with, but they were able to turn them into wonderful creations!  Due to the cost of postage, I need to keep envelopes leaving the U.S. pretty thin, so I divided the names (4 of each) into 2 groups & used the old "hubby draw names out of the hat" system.  The U.S. winners are Barb Engler & Kailash & the international winners are Dawn Turley & Sue Butler.  I'll mail your little prizes this week.  Thank you everyone for your support & well-wishes & a huge thank you to these 8 ladies who took time to make a card.  You've all inspired me!  


  1. Greta, thanks for such a lovely challenge in celebration of your blogiversary. May you keep inspiring us with your beautiful creativity! Please thank your hubby for drawing my name as one of the winners. Congrats to Barb, Dawn and Sue.

  2. Hello Greta,
    First I must say your Hubby chose a fabulous card as the winner, Kailash did a superb job, congratulations also to Barb and Dawn and I am just thrilled to pieces to be in with the mix, as I am not one to case cards, as I feel one is intruding on somebodies personal space, so this is indeed a compliment and I know Dawn will be pleased as well.
    Thank you for taking the effort and the time to set such a Challenge it takes quite a bit of organising, especially when as amateurs in blogsphere and it's intricacies we all struggle.
    Thanks Greta this was fun.

  3. How fun, Greta! Thank you so much! Congrats also to Sue, Maria, Lai-Yoke and Dawn! :)

  4. Congrats to all winners! Thank you, Greta for this fun challenge!

  5. Congratulations, everyone! And thank you Greta for showing my card :) I really had a fun time making it! (And for what it's worth, after 2.5 years Blogger formatting still gives me headaches too. lol!)

  6. Thanks so much for this fun challenge, Greta! CONGRATS to all the winners!!!

  7. Thanks Greta.... I had fun with this too. You really do have some delightful cards and it was great to CASE them. Congrats to the winners and well done to everyone. Our cards were all inspired by your creativity. Well done Greta.

  8. What fun Greta! Congrats to the winners and I hope we get to do this again soon!