Sunday, February 19, 2012


This Blog is under construction.  I finally decided to begin to build a Blog even though I really don't know what I'm doing--LOL!  Maybe this will motivate me to keep at it & eventually this will be a real blog.  Wish me luck!  (Also happy for any helpful hints you want to share with me.)  I named it GG Creations because those were my initials before I was married.  It's my way of celebrating my roots & acknowledging my wonderful parents--both of them are in heaven.

I did make a thank you card today for my cousin & his wife who gave me a wonderful birthday present--Sew Easy by We R Memory Makers.  Hope they'll enjoy it--hubby approved & he does have a good "artistic" eye, so makes me feel good.  The cardstock & printed papers are by ColorBok--got them on a great clearance sale!  The greeting is a stamp by Stampendous!  Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. your cousin and his wife sound like a fantastic couple... what a lovely card you made for them!!

  2. your new blog looks really good - i still haven't the nerve (or ambition) to start one. new card is lovely - the sew easy looks like a neat thing to have.

  3. Welcome to the work of blogging Greta. Love your card today and so will your cousin and his wife. What a great birthday present.
    One suggestion... don't have word verification. If you are worried have comments moderation ~ you get an email telling you there is a comment. I don't have either, as Blogger has a good spam saver.

  4. congrats on your blog. Hope you have fun! I will visit as much as I can. Love the stitching on the card. I need to try that.

  5. This is Great Greta as in GG ooooh that is awful!
    I think you will enjoy this forum very much, there is one downside to having a Blog; it takes over your life!
    Dawn introduced me and I have never been the same since(Dearest Ones words)........ Do not concern yourself in not knowing what you are doing here Greta, there are many of us in the same boat trust me.
    Of Course I will visit often as in always.

  6. Yippee for you, Greta! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Don't worry about feeling like you don't know what you're doing - we all felt the same way in the beginning. Just ask and someone will help. Love it so far - I'll be by often!

  7. Love the stitching on your card and the colors you chose. Congrats on taking the leap into blog world. you are going to have fun doing this! Enjoy, I will be visiting frequently :)

  8. Welcome Greta!! I am so excited that you will be showcasing your art!!! Love today's design. The stitching adds a wonderful texture and the color combination of red and blue is striking! Looking forward to each and every post!


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